Who Needs Defence Coach

Male or Female

Techniques for females and males of all ages, sizes and fitness level.


Out with friends or alone, learning to avoid situations and dealing with anti-social behaviours from others is unfortunately essential.

Work or school

Managing bullies or just getting the confidence to achieve more. Defence Coaching will build your confidence from the first session.


From minding your own business in a super market to domestic violence. Defence Coach techniques support your private life in strict confidence.

Select a session to suit your coaching busines needs
Defence Coach


Defence Sets

Our core sessions. You will learn the most
by attending the defence set classes where a different one of the 40 plus set is practiced each time.


Starter Program

Get started in self defence while getting fit.
Great session to start with if you are not
confident to jump in the main sessions.



Our FitSafe sessions are our latest program.
These aerobic sessions help support the main
self defence sessions by focusing more on fitness.


Personal Self Defence Training

Personal sessions with you or a small group of friends or associates.
Normally based on defence sets but with closer attention to your specific needs.

Also good for busy people that can't commit to regular sessions.


Group Special Sessions

Special sessions for corporate, community and other groups.


Defence as an Art

Learn defence as an art.
Different to martial arts as it is defence based only and a 21st century modern syllabus.


Defence for the disabled

Sessions with techniques adjusted for disabilities.

Schools program

Designed for school curriculum and can be scheduled as a short term or long term learning path.

Select from several session types to suit your coaching business needs.

What Defence Coach "IS NOT"!

Most self defence groups are still teaching socially unacceptable techniques. You will not learn punching and other bad moves here!

Most groups teaching self defence will expect you to be an expert
before you can basically defend yourself.
Defence Coach is not a trendy, ineffective,
and poorly thought out system of boring you.

Trendy Bad Techniques

Teaching people to punch as a default technique is just stupid!

Stats show that if you punch some one in defence you will most likely hurt yourself, and not be able to defend further.

Defence Coach will not teach you to use token techniques that are not effective.

Short Sighted Coaching

Repetitive and trendy exercises will get you fit to do more repetitive and boring exercises.

Defence Coaching will not bore you! But it will challenge, motivate, and empower you.

Defence Myths

Defence does not mean attack. Defence Coach promotes techniques relevant for today.

Trendy styles are not acceptable defences and build false confidence.

And you already new that self defence training gives you a better chance of not getting hurt not a guaranty.

Easy way Out

Each session will make you fitter and teach you skills. But you will need to do a few sessions before you feel the difference.

Our professional defence coaches will cater for each individual to ensure they progress as quick as they can.

What you will learn

Relative moves for current social needs.
Self Defence is a basic human right and every one can apply it.


The first priority in defence is avoiding conflict and harm.

This may seem obvious but without confidence in your moves and thoughts it is difficult to even act to avoid.

Our sessions will build useful new reflexes and attitudes to help avoid conflict.


Once a physical conflict is probable a good distraction will ensure your safety.

Combined with awareness of your environment you will feel capable of protecting yourself.


Learn to protect yourself by deflecting agression.

This means that you will feel better prepared to deal with issues.


Taking back control once in trouble, takes courage.

Getting this courage is possible with the motivation from a Defence Coach path.


Appropriate and safe actions.

Physical actions like punching are very poor defence.

You will learn physical techniquies that you can use as last resort.

Much More...

There are so many things that we have learnt that work from our members over the many years of developing this system that we now feel we have more than we need to keep anyone from not feeing empowered.

Basic Franchise Model

Defence Coach members are enrolled to the Defence Coach Tracking System were their progress and rewards are tracked.

Session attendance and defence improvement is recorded and rewarded to both coaches and members, giving credit and progress points.

Coaches are licences to teach based on the level of Defence Set that they can coach in a session.

Qualified personal and sports trainers need to pass a licencing course held by an appropriately licenced coach of a higher level.

Non qualified coaches are not supported by Defence Coach and their members will not be recognised as learning a proven self defence system with Defence Coach.

Coaching course requirements are reduced if a coach has attended the defence set classes by another higher level coach.

Non member coaches and students will not be eligible for points and not progress in Defence Coach levels.

Get started in Defence Coaching


As a Defence Coach you will able to deliver our system sessions to your clients and build your business in the direction you wish.

Depending on the certifications you or your organisation have, you will be supported by the Defence Coach quality and management system.

See our coach products page once you have registered for free and access more details on certifications.


Be a member of a well supported and managed group that can assist in your promotion and quality management as you grow.
Easily enlist assistance as you grow with the certainty that you are hiring quality and certified coaches.


Delivering a quality Defence Coach service ensures you will be satisfied with value that you get out of your association.


As a member of the Defence Coach group you will have the support of our senior coaches and share experiences and benefits with other members.


Look out for special offers for start up assistance. Ensure you sign up with an enquiry to get access to these details.


Be as specialised or as broad as you like with the sessions you offer. Certification for specialties only, are available on request.


Existing personal coaches and martial arts instructors can extend your skills and offer more services after joining Defence Coach.


Connect with Defence Coach to have access to our wide community of Defence Coaches around the world.

Defence Coach
The Defence Coach system is a self defence and fitness system designed to be the worlds best learn as you get fit activity. Practical defence techniques for all levels.