Coaching - How it works

To be a Defence Coach and pass on your knowledge of fitness and personal defence all you need to do is stay accredited by the Defence Coach organisation and deliver classes.


Let us know you are interested and what you can offer.

You will be given access to our courses and guided through the simple levels

As you complete courses and as your members complete their levels you will be eligible for advanced certification


Courses are designed to complement senior coaching and the session designs.

Unlike many other fitness systems the quality of your members skills is of very high value.

Your commitment to quality as a Defence Coach starts at your first certification.


Certification is simple. Just attend a coarse and pass a simple exit test and you will be able to deliver Defence Coach sessions.

To ensure you are delivering to our high standards we will require you to attend sessions at regular and reasonable intervals, held by defence coaches with higher level certification.


Courses are designed to allow a Defence Coach to teach many different session types.

The level of the certification indicates the level of personal defence skill and knowledge that can be delivered.

There are 4 levels of defence sets that can be delivered by an appropriately certified Defence Coach.

Coach Certify Workflow

Coach Qualities

Coach Accreditation Coarse

Courses are available to all and will depend on your other certifications. Base certifications, specialty certifications and master certification are available to registered members. Enquire below for more details.

Coach Qualities

The Defence Coach system maintains quality through coach certification and client tracking.

Club Affiliation

Being affiliated with a club and sharing in accreditation sessions with other coaches will assist in getting regular training for yourself.

Quality Control

Reputation is everything for our coaching system. Our sessions are defined and delivered by you as a coach to a proven method and standard.

Defence Coach Enquiry

Defence Coaching Enquiry

The first step to delivering Defence Coach classes in your business is to register with us below.
You will then be contacted and given information about the process.
Once you have been accepted you will be asked to complete the Defence Coach qualification course or courses.
The courses will depend on the session type you wish to run in your business and the level you want to coach students too.
A Defence Coach representative can assist you with planning your session delivery.

Please detail any experience you have in coaching sports including qualifications.