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New coaches are required everywhere.
Senior coaches are available and standing by to help you business.

How sessions work

Defence Sets

Our core teaching system. The defence sets are designed to teach a new defence at each session.

With 40 + different sessions, you will never get bored and will learn more each time you do a session.

Fit Safe

These new classes are designed to get you fitter while practicing your defence moves.

More aerobic than the defence set sessions and great for turning your knowledge into reflex.

We need venues and instructors for these sessions if you are interested.


Defence Coach runs sessions for all level. Start up to advanced.

Defence coaches will recommend the appropriate sessions for you but keep watch for information on sessions that interest you.

Special sessions are often run to offer extra knowledge or for entertainment.


Along with the special sessions Defence Coach also offer knowledge only session.

This includes demonstrations, parties and presentations.

If you have an idea for a Defence Coach appearance please let us know.

Learning the Defence Coach system

The Defence Coach system is based around common sense techniques and skills and not on a complex fighting systems.

Learning to coach these techniques is like coaching the kick of a ball or lifting a weight. But with a lot more practical purpose in mind.

The defence set sessions are based on attack and defence scenarios and increase in complexity as your clients learn. They are guaranteed never to get board.

The Fit-Safe classes are like aerobic sessions and focus on small parts of the set defences to build reflexes, fitness, and confidence. 

Getting Started

As you attend a coaching course you are shown the sets that are recommended for your coaching level.

There are 3 main defence set levels that include the 40 base sets and fit-safe session training.

When starting out with Defence Coach you will leave your first course with knowledge of the first 5 base sets.

This will give you plenty of sessions to coach for up to 12 months.

Session Plans

As you move through the certification levels you will be able to deliver more sessions to you members.

You will also get better at teaching the early level so you will never run out of techniques to improve on.

Online defence set info

As an accredited Defence Coach coach you will have access to defence set information online.

Of course you cannot learn it by just reading about it. But it will help as a reminder.

Seminars and Visits

By attending regular seminars and having higher level Defence Coach coaches attending your sessions, you will increase your own skill and knowledge.

Defence Coach Business Planning

The Defence Coach system is designed to work as an addition to your coaching or training business. While it will still be valuable as a stand allown service.


Getting Started

Compliment your business with a range of self defence sessions lead by certified coaches and proven techniques.
All you need to do is sign up for a coach certification.

Marketing Plan

Defence Coach will take care of most marketing needs.
All you need to do at you business is promote to you members.

Accreditation Plan

The higher the level of certification of coaches at you gym.
The higher the general acceditation level will be.

Delivery Plan

Start off with base level sessions and certifications and work your way up.

Defence Coach Sites Available
Once you register you will be given all the details of how the Defence Coach system will work for you. Details vary depending on your business type and current skills. Key points are:
  • Learn the syllabus in stages at our coach courses
  • Get certified after course attendance
  • Access to the member management system
  • Increase your members and profits
  • Click here for a Certification overview and more details.

Become a Defence Coach

Defence Coach is looking to expand into new areas.
Our training and delivery program has room for new Defence Coaches.
To sign yourself or your club up as a Defence Coach
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