Home Defence Intro

Bored of Tupperware parties?
Sick of cleaning up after makeup parties?
Too embarrassed for a lingerie party?

Try a Home Defence Party! Fun and exciting it can also make a big difference to someone's life. Get your family, friends, work colleagues and neighbours everyone can benefit from self defence training.

Our Defence Coaches can attend your house or other venue for a 2 hour session of defence training with your friends and family.

Home Defence Party

Fun and Safety

Our Defence Coaches will come and lead your group through some light physical scenarios, practice some defence techniques with you and discuss situations and concerns.
All this with a lot of fun but a serious goal.

Discussion and Concerns

Our team will encourage you to tell us about your concerns before the party so they can discuss their own experiences amongst themselves to bring you the widest breadth of knowledge within our team.
Confidentiality is very important to us. We will not pass on any details about names or places with scenarios that people have experienced.

Friends and Family

Invite your friends and family around in a party atmosphere and have a great time as you participate and learn defence moves.

What if scenarios

We work through several "what if" scenarios and discuss and test some, that you may be concerned about or have experienced.