Why Learn Defence

  • 25000 From 2013 to 2015 the number of sexual assault victims in Australia has grown by 3% to approx. 25000
  • 100000 Approximate number of assault victims across Australia in 2015.

How sessions work

Defence Sets

Our core teaching system. The defence sets are designed to teach a new defence at each session.

With 40 + different sessions, you will never get bored and will learn more each time you do a session.

Fit Safe

These new classes are designed to get you fitter while practicing your defence moves.

More aerobic than the defence set sessions and great for turning your knowledge into reflex.

We need venues and instructors for these sessions if you are interested.


Defence Coach runs sessions for all level. Start up to advanced.

Defence coaches will recommend the appropriate sessions for you but keep watch for information on sessions that interest you.

Special sessions are often run to offer extra knowledge or for entertainment.


Along with the special sessions Defence Coach also offer knowledge only session.

This includes demonstrations, parties and presentations.

If you have an idea for a Defence Coach appearance please let us know.

Self Defence Statistics

  • 85 out of 100 people will need the type of self defence we teach.
  • 1 person in 100 will learn any form of self defence.
  • 10 or more people out of 100 under 30 have needed self defence in the last 12 months.
  • 1 sport to keep you safe, fit and motivated.

How it all works

Step One - Learn the basics

Through our start-up, personal, special, or Fit Safe classes you can learn the basic moves and become proficient and confident at the several standard techniques for defence.

Step two - attend the set classes

Attend regular classes called defence sets in either a group or personal settings. Our defence set program will mange you path to fitness and skill.

Our 40 different defence sets ensure you do not have to repeat the same boring moves over and over.

Step three - achieve levels

As you progress through the defence sets, our unique members system will track your progress and help you achieve new levels of proficiency.

Your Defence Coach and your levels achieved will inspire you to become fitter and more skilful than you thought possible.


By combining our step one and two classes you can achieve the level of fitness to skill that you wish.

You may even what to go on to our advance defence classes or become a Defence Coach yourself.

Depending on your level you may even attend focus classes run by Senior and Master Coaches.