Start Up Program

Light and easy exercise

Workouts in the Start Up Program are designed to ease you into fitness without having to keep up with established groups or needing to pay for personal coaching.
Burn up to 350 calories per session as you get started.

Simple moves and easy pace

Learning the basic coordination and routine starts here. These workouts are designed to make you feel confident about the way you exercise.

Small groups for personal needs

As we are all different, these groups are kept small to ensure you exercise safe and improve at a satisfying pace.

Start slow and build up

Take as few or as many classes as you like to get your confidence up to start main stream classes. Our instructors will guide you though and let you know when you are ready.

Become a Defence Coach

Defence Coach is looking to expand into new areas.
Our training and delivery program has room for new Defence Coaches.
To sign yourself or your club up as a Defence Coach
just click the button...