Become a Defence Coach Member


Benifits of Self Defence

The Defence Coach system does not take years of combat sports training to learn.

Basic self defence skills can be learnt and passed on by following our system.


Programs for all

With many workouts designed to suit all levels and ages, the Defence Coach system has a starting point and program to match all needs.


Latest in exercise plans

Our workouts are designed to delivery satisfaction to people that range from busy to obsessed. With a range to accommodate your situation.

40+ Core Session Plans

With over 40 base session plans your excitement for learning and coaching is maintained.

How it all works

Step One - Learn the basics

Through our start-up, personal, special, or Fit Safe classes you can learn the basic moves and become proficient and confident at the several standard techniques for defence.

Step two - attend the set classes

Attend regular classes called defence sets in either a group or personal settings. Our defence set program will mange you path to fitness and skill.

Our 40 different defence sets ensure you do not have to repeat the same boring moves over and over.

Step three - achieve levels

As you progress through the defence sets, our unique members system will track your progress and help you achieve new levels of proficiency.

Your Defence Coach and your levels achieved will inspire you to become fitter and more skilful than you thought possible.


By combining our step one and two classes you can achieve the level of fitness to skill that you wish.

You may even what to go on to our advance defence classes or become a Defence Coach yourself.

Depending on your level you may even attend focus classes run by Senior and Master Coaches.

What Defence Coach "IS NOT"!

Most self defence groups are still teaching socially unacceptable techniques. You will not learn punching and other bad moves here!

Most groups teaching self defence will expect you to be an expert
before you can basically defend yourself.
Defence Coach is not a trendy, ineffective,
and poorly thought out system of boring you.

Trendy Bad Techniques

Teaching people to punch as a default technique is just stupid!

Stats show that if you punch some one in defence you will most likely hurt yourself, and not be able to defend further.

Defence Coach will not teach you to use token techniques that are not effective.

Short Sighted Coaching

Repetitive and trendy exercises will get you fit to do more repetitive and boring exercises.

Defence Coaching will not bore you! But it will challenge, motivate, and empower you.

Defence Myths

Defence does not mean attack. Defence Coach promotes techniques relevant for today.

Trendy styles are not acceptable defences and build false confidence.

And you already new that self defence training gives you a better chance of not getting hurt not a guaranty.

Easy way Out

Each session will make you fitter and teach you skills. But you will need to do a few sessions before you feel the difference.

Our professional defence coaches will cater for each individual to ensure they progress as quick as they can.

What you will learn

Relative moves for current social needs.
Self Defence is a basic human right and every one can apply it.


The first priority in defence is avoiding conflict and harm.

This may seem obvious but without confidence in your moves and thoughts it is difficult to even act to avoid.

Our sessions will build useful new reflexes and attitudes to help avoid conflict.


Once a physical conflict is probable a good distraction will ensure your safety.

Combined with awareness of your environment you will feel capable of protecting yourself.


Learn to protect yourself by deflecting agression.

This means that you will feel better prepared to deal with issues.


Taking back control once in trouble, takes courage.

Getting this courage is possible with the motivation from a Defence Coach path.


Appropriate and safe actions.

Physical actions like punching are very poor defence.

You will learn physical techniquies that you can use as last resort.

Much More...

There are so many things that we have learnt that work from our members over the many years of developing this system that we now feel we have more than we need to keep anyone from not feeing empowered.